What is Islam All About?

by Shaykh Zaheer Mangerah

Islam is a system set by the creator of everything which leads all mankind to him and links mankind together in submission to Him in word, action and heart.

It sets the moral standard and protects mankind from becoming slaves to the fashions, trends and degeneration of the materialists who manipulate the perception of society using media and other tools.

It is a complete way of life and is balanced between both fear and hope. Making every person responsible for first themselves, then their families, their societies and the entire population at large. Of course always putting the system of God first and not sacrificing that for anything.

Islam teaches us that there is a life to come. This world is a mere dream, our actions will truly bear results in the everlasting life to come. Such a life will materialise based on our choices here. Islam therefore guides us to make correct choices and how to be successful in the true life.

More than all this Islam also allows one to grow in recognition of one’s Creator if one is prepared to face trials and have patience in submitting to his will.

We invite all to this way of Islam. The way of all the prophets and the only way linking truly to our Creator.

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