Kitab by Hadhrat Zakariyya Kandhlawi rahmatullahi ‘alayh

This campaign is to raise money to pay for the time of Ulama to translate this advanced kitab, authored by Hadhrat Zakariyya rahmatullahi alayh in Urdu, to English.


Alhamdulillah an 'Aalim e Haq has volunteered to translate this kitab. He is very busy in his work of deen and has started translating however Ulama Publications prefer to pay Ulama for their time. This will enable them to fully focus on translating the kitab a few hours a week, rather than a few minutes in spare time.


This book is lengthy, spanning hundreds of pages in small Urdu text, making it a significant undertaking. Insha Allah, by providing financial support for the 'Aalim's time, we can expedite the translation process. These funds will also cover publication expenses, including book cover design.


Ulama Publications will oversee the editing and publication of the book. Any surplus funds will be allocated to other projects in collaboration with Ulama Publications.


We pledge full transparency in documenting all contributions and how the funds are utilized for this project.


There are numerous invaluable works by our revered scholars yet to reach the broader Ummah. Would you like to share in the reward by becoming a part of this process? Consider making a modest monthly contribution."


Please note: The 'Aalim has declined payment and wishes to do this Fisabilillah Alhamdulillah. However, if we can convince him to go full time with this kitaab, we will insist on a salary so it can be completed sooner إن شاء اللَه.

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