Mawaa’idh e Thalaathah by Hakeemul Ummat rahmatullahi ‘alayh

Phase One: Translation of Book 1

Mawaa'idh-e-Thalaathah is a compilation of three of Hadhrat Thaanwi rahmatullahi alayh's mawaa'iz:

  • Raahatul Quloob
  • Millat-e-Ibrahim
  • Taareequl Qalandar

And mawaa'idh that focus on specific razaa-il, such as bughdh, kibr, hasad, keena, gheebat, etc.

To contribute towards the translating, editing and publishing of this great work by Hakeemul Ummat Moulana Ashraf 'Ali Thaanwi rahmatullahi 'alayh, please use the link below

May Allah Ta'ala grant much barakah in your sustenance and accept you in this world for the work of His Deen and in the next, with His ridha.

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