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Published and Upcoming Kitabs

Since early 2000's, our institution has supported 'Ulama, students and people around the world, helping others in every community and region. 

Ulama Publications has published its own books and media but we also collaborate with other organisations and facilitate the revision and enhancement of Kitabs, including book covers. You will find them below.

We have only added very recent examples to keep this page brief. This page may be removed if we feel it is unnecessary. It is only to show what we can do with collaboration. Everything is from Allah Ta'ala alone and not 'Ulama Publications.


Fawaaid e Makkiyyah

A very popular Tajweed kitab studied in-depth in Madaris offering 'Aalimiyyah study. An 'Aalim collaborated with a book cover designer and approached us for publication as it wasn't available to purchase in their country of residence. We published it on a platform where it is easy to purchase at low cost.



'Ulama Publications has a team dedicated to assist you in your Islamic projects. 

Whether it is formatting, editing or compiling kitabs and Islamic Literature, setting up a website for your madrasah or transcribing audio, we can work with you إن شاء اللَه. 

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Rebutting their Reflections

A rebuttal on animate photography, compiled and written by Moulana Zahid ibn Jamil. Our team worked on editing alongside Moulana.

Printed Publications as well as Digital

We can cater for both types of publications إن شاء اللَه.

PDF Series

Spiritual Advice from Ramadhaan

Hakeem saheb asked for a 30 day PDF series from his daily notes during Ramadhaan at the Khanqah. We followed his design preferences and edited, designed and formatted the PDF files الحمد للّٰه.