A Good Ending

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

حسن الخاتمة
Good ending

A good ending is when we die with imaan. A good ending is when we die with the kalima on our tongue. A good ending is when we die and Allah is happy with us. A good ending is when we die and we have fulfilled the rights of the people and are clear of debts. A good ending is when we die and our scales of good deeds outweigh our sins.

It does not matter if we die poor or rich. It does not matter if we die homeless or with a home. It does not matter if we die alone or surrounded by people. Our worldly life and success holds no value in the hereafter. Our wealth will not add any weight to our scales of good deeds, and neither will it benefit us in any way.

We all know and accept this, yet we spend the majority of our time and effort chasing the world and what it contains. We concentrate so much on making money, knowing it will not last, knowing we can not make more than what has been written for us, and knowing that it will not come with us after we die. This is the definition of addiction.

We are addicted to the dunya. We know it’s not of benefit and has no real value, yet we still chase it. To the extent that we are willing to sacrifice our hereafter and wealth of the eternal life for the wealth of the temporary life. We become willing to disobey Allah for dunya. For dunya we end up making deals which are haraam. So, in actual fact, our addiction and obsession in dunya destroys our hereafter.

This is why we see people all around us breaking Allah’s commands. May it be in the business world or in the islamic world. Why would anyone in the field of preaching islam and giving dawah break the laws of Islam in his work of deen? These are the laws he is suppose to uphold and call other people towards. The answer is simple, worldly gains. Remember, worldly gains may not only be financial, but it may also be desire based or name and fame.

Why are preachers ready to give talks in totally mixed gatherings when they know its haraam and they are committing sins? Why would scholars be ready to participate in interfaith and sit by while people disrespect islam, disrespect muslims, and commit kufr? They clearly know it’s a sin. Why would muftis be ready to endorse those mortgages which are haraam? Why are halal certifiers not willing to let people audit them and visit the slaughter houses? And so on and so forth.

The clear and simple answer is pesa. Money and worldly gains. We can’t see people’s bank accounts, we can’t see how many companies their names are tied to. All we see is their appearance and what they say. We don’t know the reality.

This is why we must abandon those people who are willing to sin in the name of Islam. This is a clear sign of their lack of taqwa and lack of fear of Allah. Allah is already showing us signs of their corruption. Allah is already showing us signs of their deception. Don’t be fooled by their words. Allah has already given us warnings about such people who will sell their deen for dunya. How can we be so blind? Allah has already told us what these people will do, now in front of our eyes, they are doing exactly what Allah has mentioned, yet we are still confused? We look upon idol worshipers and think, look how foolish they are, yet we forget to look ourselves and realise how foolish we have become that we accept haraam as halal.

May Allah Ta’ala forgive us for our weakness, and may He enable us to attain a good ending, not full of wealth and dunya, but full of imaan and noor.


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