Cancer Cells in the Ummah

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركا

Babies and children are being slaughtered. While the world watches in acceptance. The images are too horrific to look at. They are too sad to even view. They are totally heartbreaking.

We may blame the Arab countries, but we have to look at ourselves. What effort have we made to strengthen Deen? What effort have we made to strengthen our own imaan.

Today we are weak not because we are less but because our Imaan is weak. Shaitan has infiltrated our Deen like a cancer. The cancer cells are the Scholars and Preachers who want to modernise and tweak our Deen. The cancer cells are those people who want to make changes to Islam and make haraam halaal.

Instead of fighting these cancer cells, we flock to them in the millions, forwarding their speeches and words. Defending them against those who wish to speak out against them. We have become part of the cancer and part of the problem.

We are uniting with those who anger Allah against those who want to combat those who anger Allah. People see these cancer sells and say look they are saying good words that make sense. Even Hitler said good things. Even Abu Jahal said things that made sense.

Remember, by standing by, supporting, promoting, and defending these cancer cells that are changing Deen, it’s like we are like the kuffar of Makkah who defended the idol worshipers and stood against Nabi ﷺ.

Is that the category we wish to be in? People’s faith is not in what they say but what they believe. We should not be fooled by the speech of these cancer cells but look at their beliefs and ideology. Their intentions are to change Islam, to modernise it, to remove what people in the current society dont understand and replace it with something else.

These cancer cells are claiming that Allah’s Deen is not perfect. That Allah made an error and didn’t foresee this current generation, and therefore, we need to tweak and change Islam to our current generation and time.

The worst part is we support it. The Israelis are killing innocent children, but we are attacking Islam and the teachings of Nabi ﷺ. We are attacking the foundations of Islam. We are weak because we support kuffar. We are weak because we defend kuffar. We are weak because we promote kufar. We dont even realise it.

So before we start pointing fingers at the Arab nation, let us point a finger at ourselves. Let us evaluate our own position. Are we also supporting kufar by accepting those people who wish to change deen? Imagine, what would be the strength and potency of our duas when we are disobeying Allah in such a manner?

May Allah guide us and open our eyes and hearts to realise our mistakes, sins, and errors before it’s too late.


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