Let Us Not Be Complacent

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

A professional swimmer can drown, a professional racer can crash, a professional runner can fall, a professional cook can make mistakes, and a professional sailor can sink a ship.

Let us not be complacent, and think that because we have imaan and are doing good deeds that we are safe. Our hope and belief should not be in ourselves but in Allah.

We should always be evaluating ourselves and seeing the possible consequences of our own actions. We should anticipate the possible dangers of sins in what we plan to do, and constantly turn to Allah in repentance and ask for His guidance. We have to realise and accept we can make mistakes, and have to be open to people’s advice and criticism. This is how we learn to better ourselves, and it is a way to see what we are doing wrong.

Let us not think that we are doing the work of Deen for the benefit of other people, but that we are doing it to safeguard our own Imaan. We should feel lucky that Allah has allowed us to recognise our mistakes and make amends.

So don’t let our guards down, thinking we have made it. Shaitan is just waiting for that opportunity when we feel that greatness within ourselves so he can exploit it to take advantage of us. Then we will become the very people we warned others to stay away from.

May Allah give us understanding, forgive our errors, help amend our mistakes, make us better Muslims, and guide us to the path of Jannah.


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