Nothing is Okay

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Nothing is ok. The morality has left this world long ago. We are seeing open evidence of it now. People are ready to kill thousands of civilians. Ready to kill men, women, and children, for no justified reason. Technologically, we have moved forward, but as a society, we have moved backwards and become barbaric.

In the time of Nabi ﷺ, people used to kill their own children if they were born female. This is the zamana we are heading towards.

This immorality is being accepted as justice by the people seen as an example and just in our day and age. Those very people we think are so intelligent, are the same people who are happy with innocent people being slaughtered.

Its ajeeb, we want our children to go to their schools to take education from institutes run by these barbarians. We want our children to learn the syllabus they teach. Our Ulama are ready to bow down to them and take a knee. They are ready to take funding from their foundations. When they attend gatherings organised by them, or attend functions in which politicians are present, they take fakar and pride. Look who I am with, am a big man now, I am being called up by big people. Look at me. I am the clown standing next to the president.

We are corrupting Islam and our imaan. These people only want to further their agenda. They want to corrupt our scholars so they can infiltrate and corrupt the muslims. These scholars are not smart they fall for the bait. They become the lapdog of the Jews, the Christians, and the west. Where did the diplomacy of these scholars get them? Where did their diplomacy get them? These scholars didn’t even manage to get a seat at the table. Even if they would have it would have been haraam. They are eating the scraps of the floor. Even in that they taking pride, thinking they have achieved something.

Zaleel! Zaleel! Shame on those scholars who are incorporating the ways of khufr, the ways of disobedience, and the ways of shaitan into Islam. These scholars are the cancer in our Deen and religion, misguiding the Muslims and giving them a religion that is not Islam.

And what about us? We happily accept the diluted religion they present and give us, even though we know it is against Islam. We, the Muslim ummah, are the fuel that is driving these corrupt scholars. Our acceptance of them gives them legitimacy. Before they used to tell us free mixing is haraam, now they openly free mix in events and say it’s permissible, and we don’t even question them? How is something that has been haraam for decades, something that has been proven haraam from the Quran and Sunnah, suddenly become permissible? Are we that naive and gullible? We get angry when someone burns the Qur’an, but when these jahil preachers change Islam, how are we ok with it?

A time is coming where acting on Islam will not be Islam. A time will come where the reality of Islam will seem strange and ajeeb. The reality and foundation of Islam will be forgotten, and acting on what actually Islam is will seem and be perceived as incorrect.

May Allah protect our imaan, may He open our eyes and hearts and may He guide us and make us a ameans of guidance.


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