The Battle of Life

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Life is a battle. It’s a war. Everyone is fighting their own demons. Regardless of our knowledge, our spirituality, and our status, Allah tests us all. Shaitan attacks us all.

In our hearts, we fight with doing what’s right while fighting against our desires, nafs, and sin. We fear Allah’s punishment, and that’s what steers us towards good. We have hope of His mercy, and that’s what enables us to pick ourselves up when we make mistakes.

To help us in this battle, the fight of winning our hearts, the fight of good and bad within ourselves, Allah has prescribed for us Islam and living our lives according to the teachings and Sunnah of Nabi ﷺ.

We have to bring firm belief in Allah, that He does everything and we are nothing, lowering ourselves, praying our salaah, fulfilling our faraiz, doing zikar, doing istighfar, continuously taking Allah’s name, praying Qur’an, staying in wudhu, praying durood, praying the prescribed duas when doing anything, being kind to people for Allah’s happiness, etc, all this is our ally in fighting of Shaitan and fighting of our sinful thoughts and inclinations.

Shaitan is also playing his part to make it harder for us. He has shrouded everything in sin. Trying to make it near impossible to live our lives without sinning. He is also fighting a battle against us for the control over our hearts so he can misguide us towards jahannam. So he can misguide us from Allah’s worship towards Allah’s disobedience.

Even though we make an effort of being on the straight path and following the Sunnah of Nabi ﷺ, it does not mean we are immune. We are even more vulnerable. Shaitan attacks us from the left, from the right, from the front, from behind, from up, and from down. He attacks different people in different ways, he is witty and smart and wants us to compromise our Deen, our beliefs, and our morals.

We have to be more vigilant. We have to stay away from even those paths that lead us towards sin. We have to stay away from the doorway that can take us to sin. In this day and age, the fitnah has spread faster and more detrimental than any plague or sickness. We also have to try harder to escape the nets and efforts of shaitan. We have to hold strong and firm onto Islam. Our Deen and our Imaan is what can protect us. We steer away from that, even unknowingly, we are putting our Imaan in danger. Instead, today, we are running head-on into the fitnah, thinking we can fight it and overcome it. In doing so we are feeding our hearts with sin, evil, and darkness.

Even Shaitan knows this, this is why he is making sin part of Islam. His efforts are to dilute Islam so he can compromise us and make us weak and more vulnerable to his actions. So we become receptive to his ideas of making haraam halaal and incorporating sin in our Islamic practices.

What we are seeing is just the foundations being laid to totally change Islam over the coming decades. We may not see what is happening now as big changes, but it is the foundation to make future generations more acceptable to changing the fundamentals of Islam.

So, if we see people doing sin in the name of Islam, attempting to compromise Islam by accepting haraam as halaal, then understand that their hearts have been compromised. Understand that their belief is not in Allah but in their actions. Ready to sin in Islamic practices thinking that their sinning will be the means of guidance, and not the divine decree of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Understand that they are doing the work of shaitan and are laying the foundations for shaitan in Islam. Run from them very far. For they are inacting Shaitans biggest mission and play against Islam.

May Allah safeguard our imaan and keep us on the straight path. May He make us strong against shaitans efforts, keep us safe from fitnah, and safeguard us from places of sin.


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