The End of Times is Near

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

The arabagaddon is coming. The end of days is neigh. These theories have already started floating around, and speculations are being made. According to the Christians and the Bible, a massive battle has to take place in modern-day Israel, during which they believe Eesa alahis salaam will descend. (For more info contact ml e.bham). Similarly, Nabi ﷺ has foretold the Muslims of an army that will march from Khorasan.

But for us, for me and you, that doesn’t matter because we can’t even kill a fly. What matters for us is concentrating on our belief and faith in Allah. This should be our number one priority, bringing ourselves on Islam and inviting others towards it. Think of the Muslim Ummah as a chain with links. The chain is strongest when the people’s faith is in Allah.

We want to be able to fight the urge of sin? We must turn to Islam.
We want to be able to be protected from Dajjaal? We must turn to islam.
We want sukoon? We must turn to Islam.
We want to enter Junnah? We must turn to Islam.
We want solutions to problems? We must turn to Islam.

Everything leads back to Allah. The strength of our faith is that Allah does everything, that all good and all bad is in His hands. We will not achieve this by putting our faith in ourselves and in Dunya.

Today, we think we are it. That the good and bad is in our hands. That guiding people is in our power, that we are doing it. For those people who guidence is written, they will be guided regardless of what we do. Also for those for whom misguidance is written they will be misguided regardless of what we do. Our responsibility is to make the effort of Deen.

Let us understand this with an example. When we hold mixed gatherings and say it is so WE can benefit people, it means we believe that if we don’t do mixed gatherings, those people won’t be guided. This whole mixed gatherings in the name of Deen is weakening our belief in Allah. Ask ourselves a question, if we hold a permissible gathering, those people who Allah wishes to be guided will be guided. If we hold a haraam mixed islamic gathering, still those people that Allah wishes will be guided. So what is the difference? The difference is that in the first one we will be rewarded and in the second one we will be sinful. Not only sinful, but we may also start a fitnah that we can’t stop. In this manner we have taken our faith away from Allah by thinking we will make a difference by doing things in the haraam manner.

Look in the past, all the great ulama who followed Islam and didn’t compromise their faith, are known till today. Their works are studied and accepted in the ahle sunnah. Can you see the works of anyone who was a deviant being so widely accepted amongst the ahle sunnah? Look at the present day, how the works, bayaans, and teachings of those Ulama who stand on deen are being so widely spread. We don’t need to look far, just take the Majlis as our example. He is known internationally. His books are distributed everywhere, his articles are read internationally, and the mischief makers fear him. Is he on social media? Is he on youtube? Can you find a picture of him online? Yet he has impacted so many muslims, Alhamdulillah.

Let us take head, that we must put our faith in Allah. Success only lies when we follow islam. When we deviat from islam that’s when we are following shaitan and our dirty conscience.

May Allah guide us to having taqwa and acting upon Islam.



Remember our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine in our duas in sha allah

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