The Origin of all Good is Allah Ta’ala

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Islam is believing in no god but Allah and believing nabi ﷺ as his final messenger. That is what we bring faith upon, and that is primarily one of the main foundations of islam along with other beliefs.

As Muslims, we have to practice and obey the religion of islam shown to us by nabi ﷺ. Our duty is to propagate deen. To invite towards Islam through our words and actions. In the process, we are reminding ourselves of what Islam is.

What many people forget is that warning about evils and wrongs is also part of Islam. It’s like when we are on the road and we get warning signs of steep hills or sharp bends. Or when we check the weather to see if it’s going to rain etc.These are all warnings. Similarly, as a Muslim, it is our duty to not only call towards good, but to also forbid and warn people of evil. Sometimes the evil is present in actions. Such as idol worship, free mixing, interfaith, etc. But sometimes the evil is present in people.The evil that is present in people is the most difficult one to recognise. Because we only see that side of them that they show us and want us to see. Because of their dress and level of education, we generally tend to accept their teachings and actions as part of deen. We justify their actions, even if they are against the teachings of islam, because of the potential benefit of the actions.

Now, for example, if a preacher is standing in a mixed gathering, he is already doing zina. So as he stands there and speaks, his heart is being soaked in sin, and his heart is being compromised with evil. His heart is being infected by black dots. It does not matter what he says, because his words will be void of any noor, and the only thing that will enter our heart is the dirt and filth residing in his. It’s like eating food from a plate that is covered in excrete. It may fill the stomach but at what cost and danger? This is why our ulama and respected elders keep warning us of compromised speakers and scholars. Because of the danger in their talks. Its not based on hate or jealousy but on love for deen, on worry and concern that people don’t have their imaan and rewards robbed from them, that the ummah is not decieved.

Many of the times, these scholars have deceived themselves. Their minds have been so corrupted that they have justified their actions that go against islam, to such extent that they believe in it themselves. This is why they are so convincing and committed to the evils they are doing, because they don’t believe what they are doing is wrong. Drunk on knowledge, high on what they think is spirituality, they believe their imaan to be so strong that if they were incorrect or wrong they would realise. In some situations, they make themselves believe that Allah knows my intention, and He knows I was doing it for the greater good.

Then there are those scholars who are aware that what they are doing is wrong. But they dont care because they are drunk in the love of dunya. Who will dare question them. In some circumstances, people who speak out are even told what is your awqat/position, or are you even an alim. These crooked scholars also know that even when people do speak out, it will not affect their base. The blind sheep who follow them without question will not bother to listen to anything.These scholars would have won over peoples allegiance because of all the good they did for them over the years. All the good advice they gave to the people clouds the people’s judgment. Sometimes, through their counselling, they would have saved marriages, sometimes repaired relationships, and sometimes even saved peoples lives and businesses.

What we have to understand is everything is from Allah, illness and cure, problems and resolutions, etc. People are just the sabab and the tool Allah sometimes uses to help others resolve their problems. We should be thankful to them, but our belief should always be in Allah. If not through them, then Allah would have used someone else.

This is where the deception lies, and this is what makes it difficult for us to abandon those scholars we are emotionally connected to. Remember, even a marriage councillor can give good advice. Even a priest can give good advice. Are we going to follow their religion as well? Through doctors Allah gives us cure, are we going to think that they are now spiritual as well?

We need to turn our faith back to the source, and the source is Allah. That is the foundation of Islam that Allah does everything, and humans are incapable of doing nothing without His permission. Let us not be fooled by those scholars whose addiction and drug have become sin. Let us pay attention to what our Ulama are warning us about, let us use our own intellect and ponder.

Abandon those scholars who are preaching and doing things against the quran and sunnah. Not because we hate them but because we care for them, and the only way they will realise their errors is when people start distancing themselves from them. Our allegiance and belief is in islam. Anything that goes contrary to it we do not accept.

May Allah give us the understanding of deen and bestow upon us the true meaning of believing in Allah.


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