The Power of Giving Da’wah

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

We don’t realise the power of giving dawah, inviting towards the truth and forbidding from evil. This is for our own benefit, when done correctly, with righteous intentions and guidance, it makes us question ourselves and our actions.

It helps us to fight our nafs when we are inclined towards sin. It makes us remember the very advice we have given others. It puts in us the fear of Allah and the fear of being misguided and committing the very sins and evil we warn others about. It creates within us a good conscience which keeps reminding us of doing what is good and abstaining from sin.

Once this realisation has reached, it’s difficult for the person to stay silent. Not because they feel their words will have an effect, nor because they feel guidance is in their hands, but because of the fear of Allah. The inviter towards truth will fear about what answer he will give on the day of judgment for his silence. He will fear for what answer he will give for not warning people of the evils and misguidance.

Many people may think that people who speak out do it out of hate and jealousy, but in reality, it is because they can’t control themselves. The love for Allah and Nabi ﷺ does not let them stay silent. The anger lives in the heart, that how could people try and change the teachings of Nabi ﷺ? Imagine if your loved one was killed by an evil person. What drive and motivation would you have to fight for justice? That is the same love, anger, and drive the Ulama have in their hearts when standing up for Islam. It is not something they can just switch off or have control over. It’s like telling someone to stop loving their mother or their children. It is not possible.

We should look and search for these Ulama and Muslims that are ready to stand up. Because they are the only ones that will tell us the truth for the truth. They are the ones who will not compromise their beliefs and religion for any financial or worldly gain, and they are the ones who truly care for us.

The rest of the Scholars who are in a position of influence would not even warn us if there was a lion in our backyard. They would not care if we get eaten alive, as long as they don’t get any backlash. They would rather keep the status quo and let everyone do what they want in Islam so they can do whatever they want as well. You respect my opinion, and I will respect yours has become their ideology.

Which Alim would we choose to follow? Someone who will tell us everything is OK, when it is not, or an alim and preacher, who, along with da’wah, warns us of the evils and evil people around us?

May Allah Ta’ala guide us to those who are beloved to Him, those at whose hands our guidance, education, and success is written.


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