The Wall

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

There is a door that leads to a better life. It leads to safety and happiness. In front of this door is a wall made of fire. On the other side of this wall are people who want to get to the door.

To get to the door, they can try and walk through the fire, this will be 100% the cause of their death. They may get to it, but they will become too weak to walk through it. They would be putting their own lives in danger.

The other way is a path that goes round the fire. This is longer and it is difficult, as the fire is very wide. They may have to walk over hills and stones and may even have to cross mountains. However, this path ensures their safety.

In this example, the door is the door to Jannah. The fire is the temptations and fitnahs of dunya. The people on the other side of the fire are the Ummah. Some of them are Scholars, guides, and leaders, whilst others are people who trust and follow them. The path around the fire is the path of Deen, the teachings of the Qur-aan and Sunnah.

So many of us are jumping into that fire thinking we will be successful. So many of our leaders think they can walk through this fire and get us to safety. This will never happen. Everyone who has tred that path has perished. The first to walk on that path was Shaitan and everyone else after him are the ones following his footsteps.

Our only option, the only way to success, is walking on the path around the fire. That is the path of Deen. It will involve us making sacrifices, it may involve us making changes and having sabr, but in the end it will lead us to the door of Jannah.

What path would you take? What path are you taking?

May Allah keep us steadfast on the path of Deen and keep us strong on Islam.


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